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About us

best pre school in kanakapura road

Treamis Kids, an Early Learning Center, is an offshoot of Treamis, ensuring a continuous learning journey for kids with a very feasible travel time to the main campus till their High School. It is a place with a warmth of love, care, sense of belongingness and full of marvels for the young children. While designing the Center, the passionate Treamis educationists put on their thinking hats to create an environment that blooms the buds in all directions. It is their cherished experience of the ‘Starting Point’, the Preschool division of Treamis World School, which made Treamis Kids to come up with its wonders today. In addition to implementing the proven Treamis proprietar curriculum, this spacious 20000 sq ft spread out thriving in the cradle of nature, with an almost 70 sq ft area per child, gives plenty of space for children to vent out their energy, trigger their senses, nestle in the nature’s cradle and delve deep into the positive energy and dynamism. This child centric layout with ergonomic aesthetics is a sigh of relief for the parents of Bangalore where preschools have space problem. The early learning informal environment inculcates in them a sense of self discipline, independent thinking and self awareness in a holistic ‘guru shishya parampara’.

best play school in kanakapura road

A child centric approach, with small class sizes nurtures creativity, imagination, spirit of innovation, self-confidence and empathy in children while at the same time facilitates higher order thinking. A mentor for every 8 children provides the utmost individual attention and care.

The ‘Cuddly Nest’, an extended program for pre-schoolers, is a safe and warm nest for the little ones when mom and dad are at work place. The program has a unique blend of activities which combine instinct, perception and practice.

The uniqueness of this stress free learning atmosphere ensures that the children develop a passion for learning and be on the top of the learning curve every time.

Treamis Kids facilitates children to travel the learning odyssey of constant reinvention and reaching for the impossible in a quest to explore, experience and unlock the golden door of life as ‘life’s lessons start at Treamis Kids’.

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